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LRS Launches CiS (Custom Implant Solutions)

Based on years of experience in designing and developing custom implants for the Limb Salvage market, LRS is proud to launch CiS, a platform to enhance it's custom implant offering.

CiS works with surgeons to plan, design, and manufacture custom implants to solve cases that would not be possible with generic implants.  Careful consideration is given to both bony and soft tissue reconstruction.  LRS develops stand-alone custom implants, or makes custom modifications to our existing limb salvage range to suit every unique case.  We offer the following services:

Pre-Operative Planning​​
  • Conversion of CT or MRI data into engineering formats

  • Digital design / manipulation of anatomy in conjunction with the surgeon

  • 3D Printing of Anatomical models for surgical planning and design

Implant Design and Manufacture​​
  • Implants designed in conjunction with the surgeon.  Plastic models printed if required for verification.

  • Implants manufactured using conventional milling and turning, or 3D Printed from Titanium (Ti6Al4V).  Trabecular "mesh" surfaces added where required for primary bone fixation.

  • Implants polished and surface finished to exacting standards.

Surgical Assistance​​
  • Pre-operative planning document supplied with the implant, indicating screw lengths, etc...

  • Autoclavable polyamide models provided for surgical assistance.

  • Customised cutting guides and drill guides supplied to ensure optimum placement and fixation of the implant.

  • Experienced LRS Representative or Engineer present for the surgical procedure. 

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