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UCT Proximal Femur Cadaver Course

In July, LRS conducted a cadaver course for the Department of Orthopaedics at the University of Cape Town (UCT). The course focused on the proximal femur and the cone cup. The course was attended by a number of Registrars as well as Consultants from the department.

Presentations were given on the indications for a proximal femur replacement, as well as the surgical technique and complications to look out for. This was followed by a hands on cadaver workshop where the surgeons were able to perform a proximal femur replacement, including the acetabular cup preparation, and the methods of soft tissue reconstruction and closure. Surgeons were also able to insert a cone cup into the cadaver, giving them an excellent exercise in pelvic anatomy, especially regarding the sciatic notch.

Thanks are extend to the UCT Department of Orthopaedics and Dr. Thomas Hilton for co-ordinating the course.

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