Scapula - Proximal Humerus

The LRS Scapula - Proximal Humerus is a modular reconstruction system that provides the surgeon with industry leading intra-operative options for complex massive reconstruction of the shoulder joint:


  • Custom or Standard Sized Titanium Scapula to fit patient specifications.

  • Peripheral holes in Scapula for soft tissue attachment.

  • Low profile Scapula to aid soft-tissue closure,

  • Dual-aricular constrained glenoid for increased range of motion and stability in gross rotator cuff loss.

  • Can be used in conjunction with LRS Proximal Humerus for varying length of humeral dissection.

  • Combines with LRS custom designed prostheses.




  • Primary bone tumours

  • Metastatic disease




For more information regarding the proximal femur system please contact LRS.


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