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Distal Femur


The LRS Distal Femur is a modular reconstruction system that provides the surgeon with industry leading intra-operative options for large resections of the distal femur.

  • Femoral Resection Length from a minimum of 100mm upwards in 10mm increments.

  • Rotating Hinge to releave stress on bone-implant interface.

  • Titanium condyle component

  • Modular condyle and tibia base plate sizes to ensure an optimal fit for the patient.

  • UHMWPE inserts in various thicknesses for accurate leg length balancing.

  • LRS cortical support fork in various sizes for rotational stability and bone in-growth.

  • Cemented intra-medullary stems in various sizes and lengths.

  • Combines with LRS Proximal Femur for Total Femur Replacement.

  • Combines with LRS Proximal Tibia

  • Combines with LRS custom designed prostheses.


  • Primary bone tumours

  • Metastatic disease

  • Failed joint replacements

  • Trauma

Distal Femur
Total Femur
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