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LRS CiS - Custom 3D-Printed Diaphyseal TiTruss Cage

Excited to share our recent collaboration with Prof. Maritz Laubscher from the Department of Orthopaedics at Groote Schuur Hospital! Together, we developed a solution to address a diaphyseal femoral defect stemming from hydatid disease.

We designed a custom Ti6Al4V TiTruss cage tailored precisely to the patient's needs, derived from their CT scan data. This implant, 3D printed in Ti6Al4V, was designed to accommodate an intramedullary nail for secure fixation and compression. Notably, a rough surface finish on the trusses was incorporated to promote optimal osseointegration. To ensure surgical precision, we provided surgical models to facilitate accurate alignment during implantation.

Initial outcomes are promising, underscoring the potential of the TiTruss cage as a viable treatment avenue for cases involving segmental bone loss or joint fusions. We are thrilled about the positive impact this innovation can make in enhancing patient outcomes and advancing orthopaedic care.

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