LRS CiS - Custom Calcaneus Replacement

LRS, together with Prof. Keith Hosking (Life Vincent Pallotti Hospital, Cape Town), designed and manufactured a custom implant for a patient with a tumour of the calcaneus. The implant was designed using the patient's CT scan, from which the left healthy calcaneus was mirrored. The implant was then 3D printed in Ti6Al4V with a trabecular mesh to ensure osseo-integration with the remaining calcaneus. A plate was designed for reattachment of the Achilles Tendon. Surgical mod

LRS Custom Total Talus JFAS Article

LRS is proud to have its Custom Total Talus Implant featured in an article in The Journal of Foot and Ankle Surgery (JFAS). The study is a Short to Medium Term Case Study. It will be interesting to see the long-term results of these novel implants. Click on the link below to view the article. #lrsimplants #limbsalvage #3dprinting #customimplants #orthopaedics #patientspecific #custommade #footandankle #proudlysouthafrican

LRS CiS - Custom Subtalar Fusion Cage

LRS designed and manufactured a custom cage for a complex subtalar fusion. The cage was designed using the patient's CT data, and then 3D printed in Ti6Al4V. The struts of the cage have a rough surface finish to enhance osseointegration. Before implantation, the cage was filled with a bone-substitute. The cage allowed for varus-valgus correction and maintaining of the joint height. #lrsimplants #limbsalvage #3dprinting #customimplants #orthopaedics #patientspecific #custo

LRS CiS - Innovative Solution for the Sacrum

LRS designed and manufactured an innovative custom solution to assist a surgeon with a pathological fracture of the sacrum. The case involved using the patient's CT data to design 2 custom plates to fit onto the left and right ilium of the patient. These plates were then connected by a threaded rod, to ensure sufficient compression and stability of the Sacro-Iliac Joints. The plates were 3D printed in Ti6Al4V, incorporating a trabecular mesh, to ensure good bone in-growth.